The Young Hackers

Diversifying The Next Generation of Hackers

About Us

We are an organization of high school students that exists to empower the next generation of programmers.

Based in NYC, we aim to bring together high school students from diverse backgrounds who are interested in technology and programming.

We organize collaborative events where students can learn, connect, and build.


We connect and empower young hackers everywhere! Our events allow them to meet other programmers as well as our mentors and organizers.


We encourage everyone to meet and connect with new people at all of our events so they can build awesome projects together.


We welcome programmers of all experience levels - we often hold workshops at our hackathons to teach beginner programmers.


There is a strong community of young programmers in NYC and we bring them together. Join us by signing up for our mailing list here

Who We Are

Austin Carvey


Mamadou Diallo


Isiah Rosa


Olivia Ross


Adam Abbas

Head of Outreach

Bilal Boussayoud

Lead Organizer

Elena Sapelyuck

Head of Marketing

Runnie Exuma

Head of Operations

Anand Karmaker

Lead Curriculum Developer

Amy Huang


Aditya Persaud


Carlos Loera


Nevyn Duarte


Devon Howell

Brandon Yu

Timothy Chow

Laura Wilson

Gary Coltrane

Grace Zhang

Djassi Julien

Surendra Persaud

Esther Tsvayg

Eric Razor

Mary Karroqe

Mamadou Kaba

Amy Sorto

John Abreu

Cameron King

George Sivulka

Ahsanul Chowdhurry

Yashwee Kothari

Jahvon Smith