YH: HackVentures to Tumblr

Join us as we tour Tumblr on June 13, 2016.

The Young Hackers are back with another awesome Hackventure! This time we will be visiting Tumblr's HQ. Students will get to tour the office, including their amazing roofspace and get to sit in on an informative workshop on Tumblr's API and how to use it. Afterwards, there will be a panel and Q&A session, to show us what it's like at Tumblr. See you there!

YH: HackVentures to Microsoft

Join us at YH: Hackventures to Microsoft on May 19, 2016!

Join us as we visit Microsoft's Flagship store! We have been graciously invited to attend a workshop on Microsoft's Project Oxford. Come for an informative workshop, at a great venue, and learn all about AI and facial recognition! Get your tickets now!

Hip Hop Hacks

Join us at Hip Hop Hacks on April 2nd and 3rd, 2016!

Hip-Hop Hacks is a two-day hackathon for high school students to explore technology's role in hip-hop and how the most popular genre in the world inspires technological innovation.

Register Here: Hip Hop Hacks

YH: HackVentures to Google

Join us at YH: Hackventures to Google on February 16, 2016!

Our second trip to a top tech company, this time it's Google! Join us, as The Young Hackers become one of the first groups to ever tour Google's new office, right above Chelsea Market. All high school students interested in technology are welcoem! Students will get to tour the office, as well as attend a workshop on how to make Chrome Extensions. The event will wrap up with a Q&A session with the Google staff. Get hyped!

YH: HackVentures to Etsy

Join us at YH: Hackventures to Etsy on December 18, 2015!

YH: HackVentures to Etsy is the first of a series of YH trips to top tech companies! We welcome all high school students interested in technology! Students get a tour of the office and get to meet the engineers!

Check out our YH: HackVentures to Etsy event page here!

YH: Local Hack Day 2015

Join us at YH: Local Hack Day on October 10, 2015!

If you would like to read more about YH: Local Hack Day 2015, please check out this link: http://www.allstarcode.org/blog/young-hackers-collaborate-with-all-star-code-on-local-hack-day!

Check out our YH: Local Hack Day page at localhackday2015.younghackers.us

YH: Iron Hacks

Join us at YH: Iron Hacks on February 28, 2015!

YH: IronHacks is a high school hackathon! We welcome all high school students, even high schoolers new to programming! Of course, college students are welcome as mentors!

Check out our YH: IronHacks page at ironhacks.younghackers.us


Join us at SocialGoodHacks on January 31, 2015!

#SocialGoodHacks will be your opportunity to create and hack a social good product such as a website, mobile app, video campaign, or startup that alleviates an everyday problem in disadvantaged communities.If you have an idea that addresses issues of policing, environmental justice, gang violence, and relationships then come bring it to life at #SocialGoodHacks.

Check out our SocialGoodHacks page at socialgoodhacks.splashthat.com

YH: Local Hack Day 2014

Join us at YH: Local Hack Day on December 6, 2014!

"A hack day is about celebrating the hacker community at your school by coming together and building awesome projects together! During the hack day your community will come together to create and build community together over 12 hours. MLH will be providing awesome programming and swag all day long to help celebrate all the Hacker Community everywhere." - MLH

Check out our YH: Local Hack Day page at localhackday.younghackers.us

Haunted Hackathon at Spotify

Join us at the Haunted Hackathon at Spotify on November 1, 2014!

Come hack on sound art installations or any Halloween related project that will be showcased as a haunted house. Then take the opportunity to present in a unique fashion: public reception / gallery opening / haunted house at 9pm.

Check out our Haunted Hackathon page at monthlymusichackathon.org/post/99856283092/haunted2014

Breaking Barriers Hackathon

Join us at the Breaking Barriers Hackathon on August 16, 2014!

This hackathon was made so high schoolers & young college students could come together and connect. We're bringing together New York's young hacker community as a force for good. The theme is breaking barriers, be it social barriers, language barriers, or anything you want as long as it makes it easier for someone to access something and encouarges interaction with others!

Check out our Breaking Barriers Hackathon page at theyounghackers.strikingly.com